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dialog sued | media agency

I'm a freelancing art director and work as a photographer, video artist and creative web designer.

As a qualified engineer in Media Technology (University of Applied Sciences) I founded this full service media agency called dialog sued in 2008. We cross-link photography, film and the web.

One of my main interests of work is photography. I enjoy travelling and taking pictures on the road. Instead of elaborate composings I much prefer catching natural and authentic situations.

As a concept developer & visual artist, I have mainly worked for production companies. Previously I also worked on projects for companies like BMW, VW, Linde, Bayerischer Rundfunk and many more.

I am also the founder of the 2013 launched company
SCOTCH CARLSEN, picture bureaeu | munich.

I am located in Munich, Germany.

× office     dialog sued
×     c/o marc schemmer

×     Arndtstrasse 16
×     80469 Munich, Germany