The simple Content Management

You're looking for an easy CMS which allows you to manage the standard contents of your own website? The miniCMS is really simple. You can change on your own:

_ the Menu
_ all the Contents and Headlines
_ all your Images
_ all your Files

×     That's the basic package...

The individual web and design allows you any style in the frontend or user interface. Extra Features are available in every kind for the CMS. You can have every dynamic additional you want for your system - but read on!

Idea & The Frontend

Look at the right - this is an example frontend design. You can choose any kind of animation, size or individual look of your personal website in the frontend - mobile or on screen.

_ get an individual frontend design
_ let's find a personal strategy together
_ switch between up to 5 Languages
_ choose your own keywording for perfect SEO per page
_ buy easy new Extra Features you wish

The individual web and design allows you any style in the frontend or user interface. It is not a simple add-on system. You get an integrated success-oriented system and the easiest way to manage your contents.

The Backend

The miniCMS is easy to use. That's the menue:

_ sort, add or delete buttons at the Menue
_ change your Contents and Data
_ upload, automatically resize and manage your Images
_ manage and include your Files
_ manage your individual Extra Features

×     That's the minimal basic package...

Extra Features are the increments for the CMS. It is possible to build every feature tool into the CMS you want - the way you want.

This could be a newsletter system, a dynamic image gallery, any kind of forms, a news system, a calendar or many more.


A few clients, using the CMS online:


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